Celebrate Your Obstacles

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Celebrations are fun.  I try to celebrate whenever I can.  I don’t wait for my birthday or Christmas or the last day of school.  Celebrating is important.  This blog meme is a great outlet to remind ourselves, as it is so eloquently stated in Zombieland, “Celebrate the little things.”

Today I celebrate my ability to overcome obstacles.  I was born with an inner light, an inner flashlight of sorts, that allows me to see a brighter side even when things appear a little hazy.  I am realistic about most things so I wouldn’t say it is the same as seeing through rose colored glasses.

Achievement-300pxMy most recent obstacle involves going back to school to complete a degree in education. Making the decision was daunting at first.  It would involve relocating, attending school full-time and working part-time, finding affordable housing on a part-time-just-above-minimum-wage job, and figuring out where to store over 20 years of accumulated “treasures” which include the following:

  • a quilting frame and many quilting projects in progress
  • boxes of books
  • most of the contents of my kitchen (after all, a college student doesn’t really need to cook, does she?)
  • photo albums, baby pictures, the kids’ old report cards, the kids’ third grade paintings, the kids’ favorite story books… you get the idea

sheikh-tuhin-Packing-and-Moving-300pxFortunately for me, my mother was more than gracious when she offered to let me store my stuff in her finished attic.  I am forever grateful.

Cafeteria-icon-300pxI was also able to purchase a 5-day commuter meal plan on campus, which for me guarantees that I will eat one solid, nutritious, delicious, fruit-and-vegetable-packed lunch Monday thru Friday.

I have now completed my first month of school and survived.  I eat well.  I sleep well.  I study a ton!  My goodness, I may be doing better than most of the college students on campus!  I am tired all the time but if it’s worth doing, it’s worth suffering a little fatigue.

If my life didn’t include obstacles, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to overcome those obstacles.  (it makes sense if you think about it.)  I have decided that I WILL become a teacher and a really good one at that.  What did you celebrate today?


3 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Obstacles

  1. What a great perspective on obstacles! I’ve never thought about it like that before. Treasures are very important, I think everyone should have little things they just can’t get rid of. I wish you the best of luck with the rest of the school year, sounds like you’re doing great already on handling it!


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