You Don’t Belong Here


“Get away from me.”  I bet everyone has heard that at least once in their lifetime.  It is often unspoken.  It can happen when you are the last one picked to be on the dodge ball team or it can happen when you sit at someone else’s table in the cafeteria.  It can even happen when you have a growth spurt and your mom is not quite ready to get you a new pair of pants.  “You look just fine,” she says.  But you quickly realize it’s not just fine because everyone at school is whispering and staring as you walk by.

This week I celebrate a sense of belonging.  The sense of belonging to a family whether it is a group of blood relatives, classmates, co-workers, or with people whom you share a common interest.  When a friendship is made it becomes very valuable and worth defending.


I am studying to become a teacher and I often envision my future classroom… the kids, the desks, the chalkboard, the cafeteria…  What will it look like?  What will it smell like?  Will I be able to identify a child struggling?

In response, I decided to search for the perfect book.  Actually I found two.  One addresses resiliency and the ability to not give up.  The other is about acceptance even when you make a mistake or two or three.

bernie the beagle

Bernie The Beagle Who Liked German Cooking by Jean Rossbach and pictures by Cathy Bobak follows a beagle puppy, Bernie, in a pet store who is adopted by a German couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gruber.  He discovers that he is a fantastic cook, but at soon as Mrs. Gruber discovers a dog in her kitchen Bernie becomes homeless.  But his resilience and persistence pay off when his dream of becoming a cook in a restaurant is realized.


Stay, the True Story of Ten Dogs by Michaela Muntean and photographs by K.C. Bailey and Stephen Kazmierski follows circus performer, Luciano Anastasini as he adopts ten unwanted dogs and trains them to join his act.  He relies on each dog’s unique personality and talent to create each circus act.  You see, Luciano had previously been in a very severe accident that brought his circus career to a screaming halt.  By adopting and training his “Pound Puppies” he not only saved their lives but his own as well.  Bright full-page color photographs immediately grab your attention.

Celebrate this week is a weekly blog hosted by Ruth Ayres Writes.  Join the community and let’s celebrate together!

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4 thoughts on “You Don’t Belong Here

  1. You make a very true point about “get away from me.” It’s not always spoken, but it’s definitely there. I know many people have had that experience, and I like that you included it can also be in the not-trying-to-be harmful ways, like a mom saying you look fine when you really don’t. I’ll have to check out those books, they sound sweet. Great post!


  2. I feel that a lot of people struggle with getting put down and feeling like that. I know I had my go around in high school. I think that books like these can be very helpful.


  3. I love your theme for this post! You are right–I have discovered, at the elementary school where I work, exclusionary behaviors definitely start young…even the kindergartners will shout, “No! You can’t play with us…” We try to be very proactive about preventing bullying and encouraging kids to include others, but it is a constant battle! I will have to check out these two books–which one was your favorite?


    • I think Bernie The Beagle Who Liked German Cooking is my favorite because I really like to cook and he really knows his German food! His loyalty to the friendship he made with the other two dogs while he was homeless is clearly shown when he invites them in and cooks for them at his restaurant. It is important for people to stand up for each other. That is also why I like it so much. Even as adults it’s nice to be reminded how to treat others.


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