Finding Time to Read

comfy chair

I read on my lunch hour at work every Friday and Saturday night at about 2:30 am (so technically Saturday and Sunday morning).  That, and the time spent reading on my breaks, fits in a good two hours plus.  I also like to read in between studying at the on-campus library.  There are plenty of comfy chairs and inviting spots near a bright window to really get in the mood.  (Now all it needs is a fireplace and it would be heaven.)

laughing reading

Sometimes I will read for only a few pages and have to pause, put the book down, laugh out loud or be amazed for a second, and process what I just read.  Other times I will be so engrossed in the thickening plot that I am compelled to keep going even if I am running out of time.


running-hen-300pxTime is such a curious concept.  I don’t pay much attention to it until I am running out of it or losing it.  I frequently lose track of time when reading which usually causes me to run out of it.  Hmmmmm.  I guess what I am trying to say is that very short (less than 20 minutes) reading stints don’t really work for me, depending on what I am reading at the time.  Lately I have been focusing on children’s literature that is young adult (Y.A.) or intermediate level with chapters.

bookshelfIn the near future, I plan to incorporate more primary level and picture books into my reading plan and, when I do, will definitely keep a few on hand to read during short breaks like standing in line at the checkout.  All in all, there really aren’t that many long waits here in Chadron; the lines get much longer in places like Phoenix and Denver.


The defined goal is to read four hours each week.  But because I am finding so many great books of interest, I find myself needing more than four hours to get through them.  For the first time in my life, I am putting other things on hold to find time to read.  I read older books, newer books, graphic novels, stories that won literary awards and stories that didn’t, and the more books I am required to read, the more I find that I NEED to read to satisfy my own curiosity.



3 thoughts on “Finding Time to Read

  1. Reading at 2 am?! That is crazy! There is no way I would be able to read that early! I too have trouble finding time to read and I have to read in short periods! I have found reading right before bed helps because wants you get into a routine it is easy to do! I hope you accomplish your goals this semester! Good luck!


  2. Time is such a curious concept! I too find myself not paying much attention to it until I am running late. That is awesome you are able to read on your breaks and you are able to stay awake. Reading tends to put me to sleep at such early hours in the morning. Good job utilizing your time to read! You have a great variety of books to read for your challenge. I think that is a great way to not get burnt out on reading one type of book. Best of luck to you on your reading challenge!


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