Celebrate…A Love for Cats

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I love cats.  They are so animated as they explore their new world. And their purr is so delightful. When I moved to Chadron, NE last July I was unable to find an apartment that accepted pets and I had to leave my cat, Kona, with my adult son. It has given me the opportunity to reflect on how much she means to me.

KonaI used to talk to her every day and she would talk to me too.  She used to sleep on the edge of the bed and wake me up at 4 am like clockwork. I can’t say I ever got used to that.  I used to throw a catnip-filled mouse across the room and she would race after it. Unlike the canine, she never could figure out how to retrieve that mouse but she never licked my face off either. She was a wonderful companion.

I found two children’s books that feature a very independent cat as the main character to go along with this week’s theme.

minouSet in France, Minou, by Mindy Bingham and illustrated by Itoko Maeno, unfolds with a cat named Minou who is pampered by a very loving lady, Madame Violette.  She has been taken care of so well and for so long that she never learned how to take care of herself.  When Madame Violette dies, and Minou is thrown out on the streets, she is scared out of her wits.  But not long after she meets Celeste, a very elegant street cat, who shows her how to survive on her own.  Their journey takes us through Paris with beautiful full page drawings of some of the sights.  In the end Minou discovers she really can take care of herself.

0-590-03375-1Black Cat, by Christopher Myers, is the story of a black cat who the reader follows in order to find out where he lives. You will embark on a journey through the inner-city streets at night .  The very unique artwork that provides such a lively description is partly comprised of photos taken in the Harlem and Brooklyn neighborhood where author Myers lives.  They give the reader a cat’s eye view with unique angles, shadows, and perspectives.


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