Celebrate…a good night’s sleep

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cat sleepingFor the last couple months, since I have started school full-time, it has been a challenge to get enough sleep.  During my waking hours I study a ton and when I am not at school I work the graveyard shift.  So my sleeping patterns are all over the place.  Sometimes I sleep in the middle of the day and sometimes I sleep at night.

We so often put ourselves in a bad mood because we forget to appreciate the true gifts in our lives.  One thing I am going to resolve to do (instead of being upset when I don’t have enough time to sleep, or cook a homemade meal, or wash my clothes) is focus on being grateful for the successes I do have.

For this week’s celebration, here are a few fun books about bedtime.

no go sleepNo Go Sleep! by Kate Feiffer and illustrated by Jules Feiffer is about a baby who adamantly refuses to go to sleep.  As you turn each page there is a different “person” saying good night or offering a consoling message to the baby.  First his mom and then his dad tell him to go to sleep.  Then the sun, moon, stars, car, birds, frogs, bunnies, owl, tree, sheep, door, goldfish, dog, shoes, doll, and teddy bear each take their turn with something comforting to say.


the kindhearted crocThe Kindhearted Crocodile by Lucia Panzieri and illustrated by AntonGionata Ferrari centers on a ferocious looking crocodile who desperately wants to be someone’s pet.  So he sneaks into a storybook where he becomes one of the pictures and enters a family’s home at night when they are sleeping.  He does chores without them knowing so that they will like him.  The family stays up one night and hides to find out who or what is behind these good deeds.  It is the children who help their parents overcome their stereotypical fears and accept the crocodile into their lives.

no such thingNo Such Thing by Jackie French Koller and illustrated by Betsy Lewin won the Nebraska State Golden Sower Award in 1998 for the primary category.  In this story there is a monster hiding under a boy’s bed when he goes to bed and his mom does not believe him.  The twist is that the monster is afraid of the boy who sleeps on top of the bed and his mom doesn’t believe him either.  Both of them face their fears and become friends.


10 thoughts on “Celebrate…a good night’s sleep

  1. You have some very cute picks! I am also a big fan of sleep. 🙂 It’s crazy how much it impacts our day, yet a full night of sleep is seen as a luxury in our society. However, there is nothing better than a good night’s rest that results in a productive day.


    • Isn’t that the truth! It is amazing how much more information I retain for longer periods of time when I get enough sleep. I agree that so many view it as a luxury. There is such a huge stress on making time for work, kids, school, etc. that sleeping 8 hours becomes appears to be a splurge. But when I do get that much sleep, everything else I do is of much greater quality. It’s funny how my perception has changed in the last 20 years (since I was in my 20s.)


  2. Im glad I am not the only one who hasn’t been sleeping the best. With everything going on it feels like I am awake 24/7. I hope you get some rest soon!
    I so liked how you tied sleeping books with your post!


  3. Ugh, sleep issues! Whenever I get a good night’s sleep, that’s definitely cause for celebration. I long for 8 hours but usually wake up after about 6 hours and can’t go back to sleep. Love the picture books you include in this post!


  4. Sleep? What’s sleep? We are in college! I love these books that you chose the this topic. They’re fantastic! Keep on Keepin’ on!


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