Reading Challenge Check-In

A while back I challenged myself to read as many books as I can from The Top 100 Children’s Novels Poll (#1 – 100) posted on April 13, 2010 by Elizabeth Bird.  I have read ten of the books so far and loved every one of them.  One of the difficulties with the goal is that each book has taken me over three hours to read.  (Since I try to read four hours per week, I supplement my weekly reading with children’s picture books or easy readers.)  At the rate I am going, I will be lucky to read all the books by the end of 2016!  But I am looking forward to it.


One of the positive effects of this challenge is that I am reading books that I once passed over because I thought why bother since I already saw the movie or so and so has already told me all about it.  What I failed to take into account is that when you actually sit down and read a book free of other distractions, the experiences of the characters in the book become your own.  It is a much deeper emotional experience that when you watch a portrayal of the story (like a movie.)  This is definitely the right reading goal for me.


johnny-automatic-books-300pxI have a side goal to collect all the books on the list as well and create my own library to have with me when I become a teacher.  I plan to only include the books from the list that I like.  So far that is all of them.  I have had great luck buying books inexpensively at library book sales in Chadron and Alliance.  Some are in great condition and some are library discards but it doesn’t matter so much to me right now because the literature that is written on the pages is what I’m after.

In the near future I am going to try to increase my reading to two books per week, but for now I am happy with the progress I have made.



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